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Mombasa Port Cargo Clearing Rates 2018/2019

We clear both local cargo and transit cargo from Mombasa port to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and and South Sudan. Below are our clearing and forwarding charges from Mombasa Port.


Local Containers  1x20  
All other charges are paid by us i.e shipping charges, CFS/port charges and any other except customs duties.

Local Units

Kenya vehicle clearing charges

Vehicles Below 1 tonne  
  Exceeding 1 tonne  

We also clear transit units i.e Rwanda,Tanzania,Uganda and South Sudan



 1x20 / 1x40 Mwanza via Malaba  
   1x20 / 1x40 Mwanza via Isibania  
   1x20 / 1x40 upto Taveta  

1x20 / 1x40 to Moshi

1x20 / 1x40 to Arusha



South Sudan  1x20 / 1x40 to Juba upto Nimule  
Rwanda  1x20 / 1x40  
Uganda  1x20 / 1x40 to Kampala via Malaba  
Charges are for cargo under normal weight. Extra charges apply for overweight cargo.
Units  Juba  

For cargo clearing rates to Kampala or any other destination not indicated here please contact us.
If you have any further queries regarding our clearing and forwarding costs from Mombasa Port or just looking for a quote for any goods which have not been indicated above you can contact our office on mobile: +254 (0)708 207 722

Baggage Shipping Service in Mombasa

International shipping by sea or air

We have the professional staff, necessary skills and long experience to forward your belongings - safely and securely - to almost anywhere in the world. All your shipping requirements are handled smoothly and efficiently - from collection and freighting to customs clearance and delivery.

Whatever mode of transport you prefer to transport your goods, we will help you. Whether it is by sea or by air, we will walk with you every step of the way. And because we do this every other day, we will ensure that your goods arrive where they are supposed to arrive, when they are supposed to arrive.

If you have any further queries regarding our baggage shipping services in Kenya or just looking for a quote, please Contact Us.

Door to Door Delivery

Door to Door Service

Polo Auto Freight handles everything for you - from the time we collect your goods to time they arrive at your chosen destination. Our charges include customs clearance, terminal fees, and local delivery costs to shipping addresses across Africa and overseas.

Door to Port Service

Our door to port shipping service allows you to collect your shipment on its arrival at the destination terminal. In most cases, as the owner/sender or your consignee, will need to collect the baggage personally, clear it through customs and settle any terminal charges, customs duty, local tax or wharfage fees.

With us, you have the luxury of choosing from our affordable full Door to Door or economical Door to Destination Airport services. Remember that for some destinations it may cost you less to use air freight - even for larger quantities.

If you have any further queries regarding door to door delivery services in Kenya or just looking for a quote, please Contact Us.

Air and Sea Freight Service

Air Freight Service

We provide Air Freight Services within Africa and overseas at very competitive rates. We are based in Mombasa, the gateway into East and Central Africa. We are therefore able to ensure hand-on attention to your freight needs from the beginning to the end.

Sea Freight Service

Although, slow, Sea freight is the most cost-effective way to send your goods. We work closely with major carriers who are the most reputable and reliable in the world, offering regular sailings to numerous global destinations. Because we are based right at Mombasa port, we fully understand what sea freight entails and will thus give you the best service possible. We also ensure that your possessions travel in a strong, sealed shipping container, and can be covered throughout the journey by a comprehensive Shipment Protection policy.

If you have any further queries regarding our air and sea freight services in Kenya or just looking for a quote, please Contact Us.

Freight Consolidation Services

We specialize in custom, standard and one-time consolidation services that emphasize safety, speed and convenience for our clients.

Our Custom Consolidation service is perfect for larger customers who are consolidating high volumes of cargo with us regularly and require special services.

Our Standard Consolidation service is ideal for customers who sail with us on a predetermined schedule for which regular consolidation is standard.

And our One Time Consolidation service is tailor-made for the 'project' customer who may ship with us just a few times each year to complete a job such as home or business renovation.

If you have any further queries regarding our cargo consolidation services in Kenya or just looking for a quote, please Contact Us.

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